The city of Austin has been growing at an incredible rate over the last five years.  With many areas of the country still struggling with high unemployment and an unstable real estate market, people have been moving into the Austin area at a rapid rate.

However, just like the rest of the country, the City of Austin Water prices have been increasing at a very rapid rate.  In fact the City of Austin city council has approved and put into place a plan that will increase the price of water 74%.  A continuous drought in Central Texas along with an aging water system and city expansion has escalated everyone’s City of Austin water bill.

Greenway Concepts has been helping its Austin, Texas water clients achieve up to 25% water bill savings.   If your business depends on water to help run its day to day operations, can you business handle a 74% increase in price?  Greenway Concepts can help your business reduce its water expenses with an amazing system that guarantees your savings, has no complicated savings sharing to track, and super quick ROI.

Greenway Concepts Water Bill savings system can

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[li]  Guarantee you a 10% savings on your water bill [/li]
[li]  Reduce your wastewater costs [/li]
[li]  Leverage your business against all future City of Austin Water price increases [/li]


Greenway Concepts exclusive H2MinusO Flow management systems have been helping save our Austin customers save thousands of dollars on their water and wastewater costs.  To learn more about our amazing system and how your business can start saving a guaranteed 10% on your Austin water bill, click on the link below to start saving your business thousands.