Would you like to save 25% or more on your next water bill?  Of course you would. This is a simple fact: All water pipes intermittently carry air along with water. As water travels from the water company to a home or business, air builds up in the water pipelines via internal and external processes. Since all water meters measure total volume, the mass of both air and water, this causes the blades in the meter to turn faster than just water alone. As a result, you pay more than necessary.

    H2minusO – Commercial Water Saving Solution H2 minus O water valves control the volume of air measured by water meters, reduces water bill costs by suppressing meter measurement of air volume. All our products are safe, sanitary and with long durability. Although the name of our product is H2 minus O , the Valve does not block or remove existing air in plumbing pipes.  This Patent Pending Technology  compresses sporadic, intermittent,  air in the water pipe and its flow. By controlling the air in water pipes from being measured by the water meter, the process reducing the amount of gallons your water meter reads. You pay only for the water, not air

    The H2minusO Flow management Device ( FMD ) uses a reverse flow of air to compress air that is entrapped in your water system. This propitiatory process will have a positive effect on stabilizing the flow entering your properties water circuit.




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    [li]Essentially Acting as a “Shock Absorber” for incoming spikes of entrapped air caused by ruptures in your water providers circuit [/li]

    [li]Moderating current or seasonal High Water Pressure Conditions[/li]

    [li]Providing a truer water usage forecast and measurement[/li]

    [li]With any reverse in flow the H2minusO fundamentally acts as a secondary backflow device [/li]



    Our H2minusO Flow management Device ( FMD ) uses the flow of water to self-perpetuate our proprietary oscillation assembly. The oscillation assembly will create a mild to moderate compression process. This process will generate a backward thrust. The air will then compile into compacted state. The continuation of this process will alter the air from a slight compacted state to a compressed state. While the air, in a compressed state, will then resume travel through with the water meter and pass our device. After the compressed air has traveled past our device the air will begin a de-compression process and resume its original state of volume.


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    Product Benefits


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    [li]Guaranteed reduce water and sewer charges [/li]
    [li]reduce maintenance costs [/li]
    [li]Quick ROI Typical 6 -18 months [/li]
    [li]Increased product production [/li]
    [li]Increase property value [/li]
    [li]10 year warranty [/li]


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