Have your noticed a significant increase in your commercial water bill over the last year?  If so you are not alone.  Water prices are continuing to rise at an alarming rate.

Dated utility water systems, increased demand, along with drought weather conditions all over the country have all contributed to record high prices for both water and waste water.   Prices are scheduled to continue to increase at a record pace for the next decade as many areas are playing catch up to adequately supply the growing population with water.

Do you wish there was a way to help reduce your water bill?  What if I told you there was a way to reduce your commercial water bill by a guaranteed 10%?  Got your attention? I thought so.


Greenway Concepts has been saving their clients thousands of dollars in 2012 thanks to our exclusive H2MinusO Flow Management System.


Our H2minusO Flow Management Device ( FMD ) uses the flow of water to self-perpetuate our proprietary oscillation assembly. The oscillation assembly will create a compression process. This process will generate a reverse in the Air’s flow. This air will then compile into compacted state. The continuation of this process will alter the air from a slight compacted state to a compressed state. When the air is in a compressed state it will then resume travel through with the water meter and pass through our device. After the compressed Air has traveled past our device the air will begin a de-compression process and resume its original or near original state of volume.

The multiple benefits that the H2minusO provides, makes it possible to reach a wide variety of markets and Industries.


High Consumption Industries

  • Reduce Water Cost
  • Reduce Sewer Cost when applicable


High Water Pressure Areas

  • Reduces Maintenance Cost
  • Reduces Replacement Equipment Cost


Water Conservation Projects

  • Single Solution For Entire Facility
  • Eliminates need for Low Flow Equipment ( Toilets , Faucets Shower Heads , Etc.. )


If you feel that your business could benefit from reducing your annual water bill costs by 10% annually, let Greenway Concepts perform a free water system analysis to help determine exactly how much we can save your business.  We have several high profile clients that have enjoyed significant water bills savings.  Will you be the next one?  Contact us today.