Austin area HOA saves over 40% on irrigation costs

Greenway Concepts has been helping our clients reduce water costs for their businesses of all size and nature.  Most recently we were contacted by Bell Farms, an Austin area HOA to help them reduce irrigation costs for their common area park and entrance sites.  Their main objective was to reduce their overall irrigation water costs, and also leverage against future water pricing increases.

  • We at Greenway Concepts were excited about the opportunity to showcase our amazing water bill reduction system for their irrigation areas.  We knew we could deliver a great product for their needs with results that you can see immediately.

    During the installation process, along with our certified installation professional, conducted a water usage field test.  We specifically watered  at each location for 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after our installing our revolutionary water valve system.  The results we obtained blew our client away:  Our field tests were showing over an average 46% reduction in gallons read by the meter, while still delivering the same amount of normal water to the common area grounds.  Below are slideshows for the two different valve systems showing the field tests (before and after) the installation.


     Bell Farms Entrance area

      Numbers in Review: 


      Field Test run system for 10 minutes (pre-install)

      Meter reading beginning 098152.0

      Meter reading after test   098169.15 

      17.15 Total usage



      Field Test run system for 10 minutes     (after install)

      Meter reading beginning 098180.75

      Meter reading after test   098190.85

      10.10 Total Usage


      Total water cost reduction of 41% 

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      Bell Farms park area

        Numbers in Review: 


        Field Test run system for 10 minutes (pre-install)

        Meter reading beginning 164059.95

        Meter reading after test   164076.20

        16.25 Total usage



        Field Test run system for 10 minutes     (after install)

        Meter reading beginning 164076.20

        Meter reading after test   164084.20

        8.00 Total Usage


        Total water cost reduction of 51% 

        Bell Farms HOA is on track to  save several thousand dollars in 2013 alone.  The home owners association will benefit dramatically from an overall decrease in their annual water and irrigation bills for many years forward.  

        Greenway concepts was happy to assist the Bell Farms Home Owner’s Association by reducing their overall water cost and stretching their HOA budget dollars.  If you are  an HOA, Condo association, or business that is looking to lower irrigation costs, then our water bill savings technology could be exactly what you need to help save thousands on your water bill.  Learn more about our amazing water bill savings solution by clicking on the link below.

        My Water Bill Just Doubled! What Could Be The Cause?

        Whеnеvеr аnуоnе receives thеіr water bill аnd sees аn increase оf double оr triple іt саn send thеm tо the water department quickly. Thе water department, mоѕt оf the time wіll find reasons why thіs соuld hаvе happened аnd іt іѕ generally thе fault оf the customer’s side оf the water meter. Nаmеlу а water leak somewhere.

        Thе high cost оf water іѕ rising, јuѕt lіkе еvеrуthіng else. Evеrу city ѕееmѕ tо bе facing higher water bills. Soaring water bills саn bе blamed оn leaky faucets, constantly running toilets аnd leaky hoses. If water pipes hаvе frozen durіng thе winter months thеу соuld hаvе developed а leak somewhere. Durіng dry seasons people water thеіr lawns аnd flowers mоrе іn аn attempt tо save thеm frоm burning up. People hаvе complained thаt thе meter reader соuld nоt hаvе read thеіr meter bесаuѕе thе meter wаѕ covered wіth mud оr dirt ѕо badly thаt unlеѕs іt wаѕ cleaned оff іt соuld nоt bе read. Sоmе people еvеn gо tо lengths оf putting blame оn thеіr neighbors fоr stealing water durіng thе night оr whеn thеу аrе аwау frоm home.

        People complain thаt thеіr water meter dіd nоt gеt read оr wаѕ read improperly, citing а lazy meter reader. A build uр оf air іn the pipes саn саuѕе the meter tо show mоrе water usage thеn normal. Onсе thе air іѕ purged оut оf thе pipes thе meter readings return tо normal. Thеrе аrе mаnу reasons thаt people аrе discovering higher thеn normal water bills. Onе thіng thаt thе water company wіll tеll уоu is, “well уоur meter wаѕ estimated аt lаѕt reading аnd thіѕ quarter wе dіd аn actual reading, аnd thіѕ increased уоur current bill bесаuѕе іt wаѕ nоt caught lаѕt quarter”.

        Whіlе аll thеѕе problems саn bе а possibility, а water leak іѕ generally thе reason. If іt іѕ nоt fixed thе water bills wіll continue tо soar оut оf control, bесаuѕе thе leak wіll nоt stop оn іtѕ оwn аnd wіll јuѕt gеt worse unlеѕѕ fоund аnd repaired. Whеrе thе leak mау bе соuld bе anyone’s guess. Thе leak соuld bе оn thе city’s side оf thе water meter. A water leak detector саn bе uѕеd bу а specialist tо pin point thе problem. Leak sounds саn bе listened fоr аt thе meter.

        Tо gеt tо thе bottom оf а роѕѕіblе leak, call уоur trusted plumber оr water leak specialist.

        But wait lets go back to that whole air getting in the lines thing.  How does that effect my meter reading? My meter actually doesn’t actually measure water?

        Would you like to save up to 25% or more on your next monthly water bill? Chances are you would, but i’m sure you’d also like to know how. This is a simple Fact: All water pipes Intermittently  carry air along with water. As Water travels from the water provider to a home or business, air accumulates up in the water pipelines via internal and external processes. Since all water meters measure total mass and now water, the mass of both air and water, this causes the turbines in the meter to accelerate faster than just water. As a result, you pay for both the air and water.

        With our H2 MINUS O commercial water saving solution, the water valves control the volume of air measured by water meters and reduces water bill costs by suppressing meter measurement of air volume. By controlling the air in water pipes from being measured by the water meter, the end result decreases the amount of gallons read by your water meter by a guaranteed minimum amount. Therefore, you pay only for the water, not air. On top of reduced water and sewer charges, you’ll  also enjoy reduced maintenance costs and increased property value. And, of course, all our products are sage, sanitary and with long durability. So, discover for yourself why companies like Marriott Hotels, Pepsi, and YMCA have invested in our amazing Flow Management Technology. Contact us today to get a free water system analysis.


        Water Conservation – How to lower your water bill

        Busy commercial structures, healthy business organizations, and even small to mid-sized company companies are consistently looking for wiser ways to cut functional expenses and improve their base lines. Water intake and utilization is often an neglected topic when it comes to cost management techniques, but think of it this way:  You have got large development amount objectives, lots of workers, and in many cases, several structures in use that can create water expenses increase a lot quicker than you think. It’s pretty intelligent to keep a few water saving techniques up your sleeve that you can take out when it comes a chance to keep the invoice down. If you would like to ranking a better return, consider the following tips to lower your water expenses. Preserve a small fortune on functional and development expenses, then, inform your workers on these helpful water-saving ideas to see your company produce even more income.

        Watch That Water Meter Closely

        Keep track of your meter(s) with a fine-toothed comb:  Read your water meter consistently, and should functions period more than one developing, set up several metric levels to keep things more structured. Developing a strong intake guideline will give you a manage on your organization’s water-consuming actions by offering a typical for monthly or daily utilization, and doing so indicates you will have a jumping-off point for developing utilization reduce objectives.

        Address Dripping and React Immediately

        It’s a fact that a leaking sink can waste up to 20 gallons water per day, and a leaking rest room will take an even larger chew out of your pockets by spending up to 200 gallons of water per day. (Ouch!) Do not neglect these “little” leaks, because they have got a way of including up. See to them quickly and call in the professionals when it is practical.

        Look for the tell-tale symptoms and symptoms of service leaks: Wet areas outside between the meter container and your developing, loss in water stress, and hissing appears to be from your shut-off device when water is not in use are the big ones. If you are getting dubious, check your water meter by switching off the main shut-off valve: If the meter is consistently on the convert, it’s likely you have an subterranean circulation that needs to be fixed by a plumbing technician.

        Change Up your cleanup strategies

        Just because you have water does not mean you (or your employees) have to consistently use it. Do not abandon proper cleanliness methods by any indicates, but do cut out needless procedures where it is practical. Significantly reduce utilization by:

        Scrubbing surfaces instead of watering or power cleaning them.
        Suitable lines with high-pressure misting nozzles prepared with shut-off valves.
        Using squeegees to fresh window and developing outside, and cleaning automobiles and devices on a tighter, as-needed basis.

        Use Smart Equipment and Preserve Money – Greenway Concepts – water bill reduction system

        The when your old, obsolete devices begins to club and sputter, consider changing it with a water-saving design and you could significantly reduce your water invoice. On demand hot water heating units, low-flow bathrooms, and other water-efficient devices just seem to appear sensible.
        Install  Greenway Concepts exclusive H2 Minus O FLow Management System.  It’s a high level water cost reduction device that brings together fundamental concepts of technology with professional technological innovation to provide better, more precise meter parts.Everyone would expect a water meter to measure water right?  Well unfortunately, that is not the case.  Water meters actually measure mass, which is air and water.  Water meters actually cannot tell the difference between air or water.  Greenway Concepts H2 Minus O system actually works to correct these measurements.  The H2 Minus O Flow Management system  is custom-fit to your meter and runs on the in reverse liquid pressure  that decreases the measurable  air in water line before it gets to your meter. End payment for air with a program that is maintenance-free, contains safe, FDA qualified materials, uses patent-pending technology, and has been known to reduce water expenses by 20 percent or more. To learn more about our amazing water bill savings technology,  visit our H2 Minus O product page.

        Texas Green Company – Greenway Concepts

        The great state of Texas is an excellent state on many levels.  Texas was most recently awarded the 2012 “Top State for Business” by CNBC.   Texas is taking that same business attitude towards making Texas a Green state.

        Greenway Concepts is the leading energy solutions consulting organization in Texas.  We are committed to providing our clients with the latest & most innovative energy saving products & systems.  We are the Texas Green Company

        Due to the increase in new technologies, outdated electrical systems & aging water systems, Greenway Concepts began.  We want to take the “everything is bigger in Texas” attitude towards green technology that helps save our commercial clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

        Our clients are benefiting from the latest green technologies including our water bill savings products or HVAC evergy savings systems.  We are committed to to providing only the best green products available.  We only deliver products to our clients that have a fast & efficient ROI (return on investment).  We want “going green” to make financial sense for your company.

        If you are a facility manager or a even a CFO, you want to love to discuss with you the possibilities of what you could possibly save on your water bill and electricity bill.  Contact us today to see how we can make your company more efficient, decrease costs, and increase profits.  Your company will proud that they went green.




        Austin Water Bill Savings

        The city of Austin has been growing at an incredible rate over the last five years.  With many areas of the country still struggling with high unemployment and an unstable real estate market, people have been moving into the Austin area at a rapid rate.

        However, just like the rest of the country, the City of Austin Water prices have been increasing at a very rapid rate.  In fact the City of Austin city council has approved and put into place a plan that will increase the price of water 74%.  A continuous drought in Central Texas along with an aging water system and city expansion has escalated everyone’s City of Austin water bill.

        Greenway Concepts has been helping its Austin, Texas water clients achieve up to 25% water bill savings.   If your business depends on water to help run its day to day operations, can you business handle a 74% increase in price?  Greenway Concepts can help your business reduce its water expenses with an amazing system that guarantees your savings, has no complicated savings sharing to track, and super quick ROI.

        Greenway Concepts Water Bill savings system can

        [ul style=”3″]
        [li]  Guarantee you a 10% savings on your water bill [/li]
        [li]  Reduce your wastewater costs [/li]
        [li]  Leverage your business against all future City of Austin Water price increases [/li]


        Greenway Concepts exclusive H2MinusO Flow management systems have been helping save our Austin customers save thousands of dollars on their water and wastewater costs.  To learn more about our amazing system and how your business can start saving a guaranteed 10% on your Austin water bill, click on the link below to start saving your business thousands.